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For many people, the odds of owning expensive handbags and shoes are much higher than owning a car. Yet, with some of the most sought-after handbags costing as much as an average car it is important that all of your designer shoes, handbags and accessories are insured. 

*Your items should be individually scheduled on your insurance policy with the option to use blanket coverage for less expensive items. These wearable collections could be anything from new or vintage, shoes, and handbags.

*The damage you should look to cover with insurance includes floods, fire, and moulds. 


Sole Service provides an itemised assessment report of damaged designer shoes and handbags required to submit to your insurance broker in the instance of a claim.


If you require a detailed report to replace your designer accessories please reach out and let the team look after this for you.


Disclaimer *Please confirm with your insurance broker your policy and cover requirements. Sole Service is not a financial institution and we do not offer insurance advice.


To order your assessment, please proceed to payment.


Insurance assessment report

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